Galt Productions

an independent film production company

L.M. Harter was born in the rural hills of southeastern Ohio. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Ohio University in 2006, and a Masters in Screenwriting from the University of Texas at Austin in 2010. She briefly considered a PhD in Comparative Literature to round out the  degrees, but decided two was enough. 

Esteemed Critics on Youtube have exalted:
“Wtf did I just watch”
“I wish she would have lived, be a lesson for cheaters not to be tight rope walkers”
“is this a movie about hookers?”
“OMG!!! Baby thieves!!!! They deserve life imprisonment under the harshest possible conditions, then they should be tortured and executed!!”
And lastly:

L.M. has taught scriptwriting at Ohio University as a visiting professor, a writer’s workshop at the University of Texas at Austin as a graduate assistant, numerous writing tutorships involving pilot and feature scripts, and most recently, an independent, college level course producing and instructing a script to screen complete project over two semesters of applied, hands on course work.  Venturing into TV writing, L.M.'s "Broad City" spec won the 2016 Cinestory TV/Digital Fellowship.
She currently lives with her Galt Productions development partner outside of Austin, Texas along with their two dogs and two cats.


“The Guilty” feature script: Austin Film Festival Horror Semifinalist, 2016; Second Rounder, 2010; Slamdance Finalist, 2010

"Feminist Mystique" a 'Broad City' spec, winner of Cinestory's 2016 TV Fellowship.

“Voodoo Tattoo” half hour pilot: Austin Film festival Second Rounder 2010, 2015; Slamdance Finalist 2010; Screencraft’s Screenwriter’s Residency Semi Finalist, 2015; Table Read My Screenplay, Park City, Semi Finalist 2016

“Seclusion” feature script: Quarter Finalist for Zoetrope, 2011

“Bleach” 2015 Narrative Short
Screenings: Part of the International Horror Anthology “60 Seconds to Die” 2016

“La Llorona” 2013 Narrative Short
Screenings: Fear Fete, 2013, Best Paranormal Terrortory Short; Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival, 2014; Wizard World Comic Con, 2013; Etheria World Tour Selection, 2014; Fright Night Film Fest, 2014; Calgary Horror Con, 2014; The Los Angeles Fear and Fantasy Film Festival, 2014; Diabolique International film Festival, 2014; Austin Revolutionary Film Festival, 2014; Housecore Horror Film Festival, 2014; RIP Horror Film Festival, 2014; The Tri-Cities International Fantastic Film Festival, 2015; Sasquan International Film Festival, 2015

“Dueling Darlings” 2011 Narrative Short
 Screenings: Melbourne Underground Film Festival, 2014; Shorty Shorts 2, 2014; World of Death Screening, 2014; Short Indies, 2013