L.M. Harter was born in the rural foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Always having a thirst for education, she took her first college course at Ohio University at the age of thirteen, eventually earning a Bachelor of Science in Communication, with a focus on video production. In 2010, L.M. received her Masters in Screenwriting from University of Texas' Radio-Television-Film (RTF) program.

L.M.'s writing focus has been on the horror genre: her feature-length script "The Guilty" earned her a second round placement at the Austin Film Festival (2010), as well a finalist placement in the Horror/Thriller category of the Slamdance Writing Competition (2011). Her teleplay "Voodoo Tattoo" was a Slamdance finalist (2011) and an Austin Film Festival (AFF) second round selection (2012). In addition, her thriller script "Seclusion" was a quarter-finalist for Francis Ford Coppola's screenwriting competition Zoetrope (2011).

Since completing graduate school in August 2010, L.M. has written, directed, and/or produced six short films, five of which are horror/thrillers. To this end, she formed Galt Productions with her partner, Matt DeVillier, which was formally incorporated in April 2011.

“Birth Mother” screened at Short Indies, Austin’s premiere independent short film showcase, in the spring of 2013.

“La Llorona” has screened at Wizard World Comic Con (2013), Crimson Screen Horror Fest (2014), and won best Terrortory Short at Fear Fete (2013.)

Two shorts, “MothMan” and “The Dueling Darlings” (formerly “T is for Tightrope”) have been selected for inclusion in the international horror compilation 'World of Death' (Winter 2013).

Besides travelling to film festivals for “La Llorona,” L.M. is working on producing her first feature, “The Rapture.”

"The only man never to be redeemed is the man without passion."

Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

Galt Productions was inspired by Ayn Rand's protagonist, John Galt, in her controversial novel Atlas Shrugged. When I read the novel for the first time at seventeen, it permanently altered my notion of professional integrity, and what it means to fight for your own need to create and produce. This production company is here to serve as a platform for vision, creation, and expression - not just for the want to create, but the essential need to create as a reflection of our truest selves.